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Kingston University London

Kingston University is the largest higher education provider in South West London, with almost 25,000 students enrolled on full and part-time courses. Its four campuses are located within a four-mile radius of the Kingston upon Thames town centre, which is 25 minutes from central London.

Among the most successful in the United Kingdom, Kingston University consistently ranks among the top institutions for student applications, is renowned for teaching quality and is a growing force in research.

Kingston University is widely recognised as a leader in innovation and enterprise. By producing applied research, developing technology transfer and sharing knowledge management, it is engaging in an increasing range of outreach projects, both in the business sector and wider community.

Elise Barron from the University’s Sustainability Hub
was project manager, developing and overseeing filming, student work and web content

Nicola Phillips from the The Centre for Historical Record
recruited student volunteers to research historic sites of interest and script their own videos
for the Heritage Trail.

Lynsey Stafford, Kingston University’s Biodiversity Officer designed and researched the Hogsmill Stroll.

The creative and technical expertise of the Kingston Uinveristy's Web and Multimedia department made the project possible. Ash Ghafoor designed and created the website. Justin Howard filmed and edited video content and Ezzidin Alwan and Christopher Thomas provided photography.

Royal Borough of Kingston

Kingston Museum and Heritage Service operates on two sites and comprises a Museum, Local History Room and an Archives Service.

Kingston Museum is accredited by the Museums Libraries and Archives Council (MLA). The MLA Accreditation Scheme sets national standards for UK museums. The Museum was built in 1904. The building and its galleries were restored between 1992 and 1997 and include a Lottery-funded 'Town of Kings' Gallery, telling the story of the Borough from Saxon times.

The Museum has three permanent galleries: Ancient Origins, Town of Kings and Eadweard Muybridge, and there is an Art Gallery for temporary exhibitions. The Museum also has a special 'Community Showcase’ that can be hired on a monthly basis by local groups. The Local History Room holds a large and growing collection of local history research material.

Emma Rummins and Michele Losse from Kingston Museum provided historic images, supported student researchers, proofread their work and undertook additional research for the Heritage Trail.

Sticks Research Agency

Sticks Research Agency was founded in 2000 by broadcaster and historian Dr Nick Barratt. The agency was designed to undertake all aspects of professional, legal, academic and media research and has become a widely recognised agency that is the primary resource for production companies requiring historical research.

SRA is the premier research agency behind the BAFTA nominated BBC TV Series Who Do You Think You Are? (BBC1, BBC2) that looks at celebrities tracing their family history, as well as the BAFTA nominated BBC2 Series "Seven Wonders of the Industrial World".

SRA has worked with media production companies, commercial businesses, archives, educational institutions and private clients to complete research projects on both national and international levels. If you want help discovering your personal heritage, SRA can provide specialist assistance.

Dr Nick Barratt ran briefing sessions and training workshops for the students on presenting their findings to camera for the Heritage Trail.

A big thank you to our local experts who provided content for the website, such as, Alison Fure, Bill Downey, Friends of Ham lands, Royal Parks Authority, Save the World Club, and the Zoological Society of London (ZSL).